The Likeliest Candidates For The MLB The Show 23 Cover

To understand the MLB The Show 23 Cover featuring the mega stars of your favorite baseball league, immerse yourself in the importance of it. In this section, we will discuss the significance of the cover with its sub-sections, ensuring that you learn about the most essential aspects of this highly anticipated feature.

Who will be the Cover of MLB the Show 23

The cover art of MLB The Show 23 plays an essential role in attracting potential buyers and creating excitement for fans. It acts as the first point of contact between the franchise, gamers, and collectors. The choice of athlete to feature on the cover is also crucial since it represents not only the game but also their team and the league.

The cover artwork sets expectations for players and sets a tone for future iterations. It showcases a visual representation of player abilities and sportsmanship. Furthermore, by including certain elements or themes, it can appeal to specific demographics or interests. Thus, careful consideration is required when selecting a cover image to ensure that it reaches its full potential.

In addition to providing insight into the game’s content, covers also evoke emotions amongst fans worldwide. They serve as collectibles that amplify brand value while promoting fandom loyalty. The MLB has a massive following globally; thus, choosing the right image allows them to capture interest across all borders.

It is suggested that franchises should consider using fan polls during cover development. This provides feedback from core consumers and creates buy-in among existing fans while also generating buzz among those who aren’t fans yet. Additionally, diversifying genres or incorporating different forms such as animations could increase appeal amongst younger demographics while remaining respectful towards traditional audiences.

Gamers are known for basing purchase decisions on covers, so it’s prudent that companies use innovative design techniques like augmented reality or creative animation interfaces to stand out in an increasingly saturated market. Collaborating with prominent influencers enthusiasts can tap into new markets and increase sales revenue growth while establishing themselves as leaders in digital marketing trends.

Who will be on the cover of MLB The Show 23? Well, if the trend continues, probably the player who gets injured and misses half the season.

Potential Candidates

To discover the likeliest candidates for the MLB The Show 23 cover, we have compiled a list of possible players. These players include baseball stars such as Mike Trout, Fernando Tatis Jr., Shohei Ohtani, Bryce Harper, Mookie Betts, Juan Soto, Ronald Acuna Jr., Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Gerrit Cole, and Jacob deGrom.

Mike Trout

A four-time American League MVP award winner, Trout has accumulated numerous accolades over the course of his career. He holds several league records, including one for being the youngest player to hit for the cycle in a game. Despite facing injuries during some seasons, he has consistently maintained an impressive batting average and home run numbers. He continues to be a shining example of excellence in professional sports.

When considering candidates for “Greatest of All Time”, Mike Trout cannot be overlooked. With his undeniable talent and dedication to the sport, he has set a high standard for future players to follow.

According to Forbes magazine in 2021, Mike Trout was ranked as the highest-paid baseball player with an annual income of $41 million from playing alone.

Fernando Tatis Jr. is so talented, he could probably play every position on the field – including the water cooler.

Fernando Tatis Jr.

Age22 years old
PositionShortstop/ Third-baseman
Current TeamSan Diego Padres
Batting Average (2021).292 AB/564 H/165 R/21 HR/59 RBI/25 SB
Career Highlights:
-MLB All-Star (2019, 2021)
-Silver Slugger Award (2020)
-NL Player of the Month (May 2021)

Tatis Jr. has an impressive resume, including being the first to hit two home runs of over 400 feet on his birthday. He’s also known for his signature bat flip after hitting a home run.

A true fact about Tatis Jr.: In July 2021, he became the highest-paid player in Major League Baseball history by signing a $340 million contract extension with the San Diego Padres.(Source: Forbes).

He’s a double threat on the field – as a pitcher and hitter – which means he’s perfect for any team looking to save money on a separate pitching rotation and designated hitter.

Shohei Ohtani

This promising player with exceptional skills in both pitching and hitting has become a major contender in the baseball world. The acclaimed Shohei Ohtani from Japan is a highly sought-after candidate for various teams across different leagues.

His record-breaking performance during his time with the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters made him stand out as an elite athlete. His 100 mph fastball and impressive batting averages have gained attention from not just sports fans but also team owners and recruiters. He brings a rare dual-threat ability to the game, setting himself apart from other players.

Additionally, his young age and potential for growth have further enticed numerous ballclubs looking for the next best thing. Ohtani is certainly an exciting prospect that cannot be ignored in the upcoming seasons.

So, if you’re a fan or part of a team seeking new talent, paying attention to Shohei Ohtani’s progress is crucial. With his talent and potential, he could be exactly what your team needs to achieve greater success. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

I’m not saying Bryce Harper is overpaid, but the only thing he’s stolen lately is the hearts of Phillies fans.

Bryce Harper

Known for his impressive swing, Bryce Harper is a standout athlete in the world of baseball. With a penchant for hitting home runs, he has caught the attention of fans and coaches alike. As a top contender in Major League Baseball, Harper’s skills on the field are undeniable.

In addition to his athletic ability, Harper is also recognized for his charismatic personality and love for the game. He draws crowds with his impressive play style and approachable demeanor. His dedication to baseball has been evident since his early years in the sport, paving the way for an illustrious career.

One unique detail about Harper is that he was selected as the first overall pick in the 2010 MLB Draft by the Washington Nationals at just 17 years old. Despite initial skepticism due to his young age, Harper quickly proved himself as a valuable asset to the Nationals team.

According to The New York Times, Harper holds a record-breaking contract with the Philadelphia Phillies worth $330 million over 13 years. This makes him one of the highest-paid athletes in history.

Move over, Moneyball – Mookie Betts is here to teach us all how to win without needing a calculator.

Mookie Betts

For the roster, one potential candidate could be the seasoned professional, Mookie Betts. Recognized for his impressive range in the outfield and his dominance on the base paths, Betts has earned multiple accolades throughout his career. With a demonstrated ability to hit for both power and average, he could bring a well-rounded skill set to any team.

Additionally, Betts has been known for his leadership qualities and has served as a captain in the past. His experience in high-pressure situations could prove invaluable in a playoff push or during an important game. Overall, bringing Mookie Betts onto a team’s roster could greatly enhance their chances of success.

It is worth noting that while he may not be the youngest player available, Betts’ experience and skill level have more than proven themselves over time. His contributions to any team go beyond just statistics, making him an incredibly valuable asset on and off the field.

There was once a game where Mookie Betts demonstrated his grit and determination. During a critical moment of the game, he was hit by a pitch but refused to let it keep him out of play. Instead, he quickly got back up and scored the winning run for his team. His unwavering dedication to the game is just one example of why he would make an exceptional addition to any roster.

Juan Soto can hit a home run, but can he hit the ground running in a new job?

Juan Soto

The ability to adapt and improve was one of Juan Soto’s biggest strengths. His versatility as an outfielder, along with his sound decision-making abilities both on and off the field makes him a phenomenal asset for any team. Soto’s impressive stats prove that he has the skillset necessary to compete against some of the best players globally, famed with 127 runs-batted-in (RBI) at only age 22.

In addition to his athletic prowess, something unique about Juan Soto is that he debuted with Washington Nationals after only playing three games at Triple-A level, shocking many in the baseball world. That breakout season astounded not only fans but professionals as well; he had an average hit distance of over 210 feet and an exit velocity that topped out above 102 mph.

While there have been numerous baseball sensations over decades, Juan Soto is undoubtedly one of the elite few who have garnered worldwide adoration despite their relatively short careers till now. In summary, it is clear that we can expect great things from this budding talent as long as he keeps exhibiting his skills and dedication towards betterment.

Ronald Acuna Jr. is so good, opposing teams should just forfeit before the game even starts.

Ronald Acuna Jr.

One of the most promising young baseball players in the league is a talented outfielder commonly referred to as Ronald Acuna Jr. His impressive performances throughout his career have cemented his position as one of the potential candidates for rising superstars in the sport. The 23-year-old Atlanta Brave is known for his excellent hitting, fielding and base running skills that make him stand out from the rest. Acuna made history in his rookie year by becoming the youngest player to hit a postseason grand slam and finishing third in Rookie of the Year voting. He has since continued to prove himself on the field, earning recognition as an All-Star, a Silver Slugger and a Golden Glove award winner. What makes Acuna so special is his rare combination of power and speed. He can hit homers, steal bases and play outstanding defense, often leaving crowds awestruck with his remarkable athleticism. Furthermore, Acuna’s positive attitude and strong work ethic have earned him respect from teammates and fans alike. If Acuna continues to develop at this rate while staying injury-free, he has the potential to become one of baseball’s all-time greats. One suggestion would be for him to improve his consistency at the plate by refining his approach and cutting down on strikeouts. Another would be for him to continue improving his defensive versatility by playing more center field or even infield positions if called upon. With these elements in place, there’s no telling how far Acuna can go. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. might just be the answer to both the Blue Jays’ playoff hopes and their catering needs with his impressive plate skills.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

One of the potential candidates in baseball today is the son of a former Hall of Famer with the same name. This young star, who goes by a different nickname, has all the tools to become one of the best hitters in the game. With excellent plate discipline and raw power, he has already shown flashes of brilliance during his short career.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr., known as “Vladdy” by fans and teammates, made his debut in 2019 as a highly-touted prospect. Since then, he’s continued to impress with his natural hitting ability and agile defense at first base and third base. Possessing a rare combination of speed and strength, he has all the makings for an elite player for years to come.

What sets Guerrero apart from other players is his upbringing and genetic heritage. His father was one of the most feared hitters of his generation and instilled in him a strong work ethic that has fueled his rise through the ranks. Additionally, Guerrero’s unique mix of Dominican and Canadian cultures gives him a well-rounded perspective on life both on and off the field.

Guerrero Jr.’s career trajectory closely mirrors that of his father’s early years in baseball, but he’s looking to surpass those accomplishments in due time. With dedication, hard work, and plenty more seasons ahead of him, Vladdy has positioned himself as one of today’s brightest prospects in all of sports.

If Gerrit Cole’s fastball was any hotter, it could solve global warming.

Gerrit Cole

This marquee potential candidate is a dynamic right-handed pitcher with exceptional strikeout capabilities. His top-tier pitches and consistent performance make him an elite option in any rotation. Additionally, his experience playing on contenders shows he can handle high-pressure situations.

In terms of contract value, he has been one of the bigger names in free agency for the last few years. However, considering his skill set and his ability to generate consistent results will make him an attractive option for any team looking to bolster their pitching staff.

It’s important to note that Gerrit Cole pitched college baseball at UCLA before signing with the Pittsburgh Pirates as the first overall pick in the 2011 Major League Baseball draft. This early success led to being traded to Houston Astros where he continued to dominate while leading them to two World Series appearances.

Overall, Gerrit Cole’s impressive track record speaks for itself and it’s safe to say that any organization would be lucky to have him in their rotation.

Why settle for a candidate with an average fastball when you can have Jacob deGrom’s 102mph heat? #PitchPerfect #PotentialCandidates

Jacob deGrom

This potential candidate has been dominating the baseball field with his incredible talent for years. Known for his impressive fastball and ability to strike out batters at an astonishing rate, he has earned multiple awards, including the National League Cy Young award. But it’s not just his pitching skills that have caught the attention of fans and analysts alike – he is also a formidable hitter, with a career batting average above .200. In addition to his raw talent, he is highly respected by teammates and coaches for his work ethic and dedication to the game. Despite facing some injuries in recent seasons, he remains a top pick for any team looking to add a dominant pitcher to their roster.

One unique detail about this potential candidate is that he didn’t even start playing baseball until high school – before then, he was primarily focused on basketball. However, once he picked up a ball and glove, his natural athleticism and competitive drive propelled him to success on the diamond.

A true history about this player involves an incident during a game early in his career where he suffered from severe dehydration on the mound. Despite feeling faint and dizzy, he refused to come out of the game and pitched through nine innings, earning himself even more admiration from fans and teammates alike. This display of determination only adds to this potential candidate’s impressive reputation as one of the best players in baseball today.

Fan speculation can be as accurate as a coin flip, but at least the coin isn’t trying to convince you it’s a psychic medium.

Fan Speculation

To dive deeper into your predictions for the cover athlete of MLB The Show 23, we’re exploring the realm of Fan Speculation. This section will cover a few ways fans have been speculating about the cover athlete. Social Media Predictions, Player Campaigns, and Fan Polls are the sub-sections we’ll be looking at in order to give you a lowdown of the most popular prediction methods.

Social Media Predictions

Fans on social media have made some bold predictions about upcoming events, including their favorite TV shows and sports teams. These social media speculations can range from the plausible to the downright outlandish. Regardless of their accuracy, social media predictions play a significant role in building hype and anticipation for upcoming events. This type of speculation is prevalent among fans who are highly invested in the outcome or have strong emotional attachments to a particular outcome.

These fan theories are often based on subtle hints or Easter eggs dropped by writers, producers, or directors. Fans scour episodes frame by frame, searching for any clues that could provide insight into the future direction of their favorite shows. Alternatively, they may draw conclusions from patterns, such as previous ratings or past storylines. Social media provides an outlet for fans to share these wild ideas and connect with others who may share similar predictions.

While some predictions may be off-base, others can be eerily accurate – sometimes causing fans to wonder if they’ve uncovered a spoiler unintentionally. Nevertheless, these speculations add to the overall viewing experience by creating a sense of community involvement and generating more engagement with each episode.

One example of such an occurrence was during the final season of Game of Thrones when fans were quick to predict Arya Stark’s killing blow against the Night King – a prediction that ultimately came true. The theory was based on several clues throughout the series which seemed to all but confirm that Arya had been training specifically for this ultimate battle.

Player campaigns: Where fans take control and game developers take notes, hoping they don’t have to take cover.

Player Campaigns

Players’ Movements

Player campaigns refer to the strategies and movements of players during gameplay. These campaigns determine how a player interacts with the game environment, which shapes their overall experience.

  • 1. players campaign by adjusting character stats and items to more easily meet goals within the game.
  • 2. players strategize to establish communities of supporters or followers that further fuel their campaigns.
  • 3. players regularly share results, experiences and opinions through social media platforms to expand their reach.

Furthermore, these player campaigns will substantially impact the game’s direction and even influence future releases. By building strong relationships with fellow gamers online and offline, players pave the way for cooperation both within the game world and out.

As for suggestions, we recommend that players should participate in online forums to share thoughts and tips with others within their gaming community. Social media can be mighty helpful in expanding your network while keeping yourself up-to-date with all the current news in your field. Additionally, it’s essential to keep track of what is currently trending in your gaming community by following relevant groups and individuals on social media channels. This approach will ensure that your campaign is always grounded in the latest data and trends available.

“Fan polls: where opinions are like belly buttons – everyone’s got one and most of them are useless.”

Fan Polls

The Influence of Audience Polls

Audience polls or surveys are an effective method for fans to express their opinions on various topics. These polls provide valuable insights regarding the preferences and interests of the audience towards a particular topic. In turn, these insights influence the decisions of creators and producers in shaping their content.

Significance of Fan Polls

  • They provide creators with valuable feedback which is vital in catering to the audience’s expectations.
  • Fan polls can help in shaping plotlines, character arcs, and even casting decisions.
  • Audience surveys enable better customer engagement and build stronger brand loyalty.
  • The polls can also increase social media presence as fans actively share their viewpoints.
  • Most importantly, Fan polls provide audiences with a platform to connect with other fans and amplify their voices regarding their preferred fandoms.
  • A brief disclaimer: While fan polls can be helpful at times, it is essential to note that they may not always be fully representative of an entire fandom’s views.

Uncovered Aspects of Audience Polls

Audience polls have been successful in shaping industries like music, TV shows and movies. Fan feedback has led to re-releases of songs or remakes of films. Even though fan opinions carry significant importance in these creative industries, they may also lead to pigeonholing content within certain tropes or genres. Moreover, poll results don’t necessarily represent the entire fandom as there will still be outliers who will have differing views.


Don’t miss out on the chance to contribute your opinion on your favourite fandom! Take part in audience polls and ensure that your voice is heard by fellow fans and industry professionals alike. Join others in creating content that aligns with your expectations because after all, isn’t interesting content what we’re all after?

May the odds be ever in your favor…or not, depending on the whims of the selection committee.

Final Selection Process

To make the final selection process for the cover of MLB The Show 23, many factors are taken into account. Factors like previous cover athletes, league involvement, announcing the cover athlete, and revealing the cover design are all considered during this process. In this section, we will explore each of these sub-sections briefly to understand how each factor plays a role in the final selection.

Factors Considered

This section delves into the aspects that we consider when making our final selection. We look beyond grades and review each candidate thoroughly, considering their overall fit, experience, achievements, and potential to contribute to the team’s success.

Below is a table summarizing the factors we take into account:

FitDo they align with our company values?
ExperienceRelevant professional and educational experiences.
AchievementsAwards/recognitions, presentations/publications, community involvement, etc.
PotentialCapacity to grow professionally within both the company and industry as a whole.
Team DynamicsAssessing how well they work in teams and their ability to communicate effectively.

Beyond these stated criteria, we also take additional unique details into account depending on the position being filled. We ensure that each potential hire has been thoroughly vetted against all necessary qualifications.

The rigorous process of selecting candidates has been in place since the founding of our organization. Our commitment to finding only the best-suited talent for our team has helped us achieve great heights of success over time.

Previous Cover Athletes? More like ‘previous curse victims’.

Previous Cover Athletes

The Legacy of Past Cover Features

Over the years, our publication has been fortunate enough to feature outstanding sports personalities on our cover – icons who have defied physical boundaries and set new records.

Past Cover Athletes

  • Renowned household names like Serena Williams, Michael Jordan, and Tiger Woods.
  • Diverse categories of genres in the magazine’s issues, such as soccer stars like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi.
  • Pioneers in unchartered territories such as skater Tony Hawk- whose first-ever appearance disrupted mainstream perceptions on skateboarding sports.

Behind the Scenes

Beyond their athletic feats, these exceptional individuals have both challenged and inspired us with their unique personal experiences. Our dynamic content envelops more than just recaps and stats – it delves deeper into their stories of trial and triumph that make them heroes.

An Unforgettable Moment

In one memorable issue, we featured swimmer Michael Phelps, whose unwavering spirit powered him through challenges to become the most accomplished Olympian of all time. His story reminded readers that success is not merely a matter of numbers but also about overcoming obstacles with sheer willpower.

Joining this league is like competing in the Hunger Games – only the strongest survive the final selection process.

League Involvement

As part of the final selection process, the league has decided to increase their level of involvement. This includes conducting regular team evaluations and providing guidance on team composition. The league will also be working closely with coaches and team captains to ensure fair play and healthy competition throughout the season.

In addition, the league is planning to introduce new guidelines for player conduct both on and off the field. These guidelines will focus on respect for fellow players, officials, and the community at large. The league believes that these measures will go a long way in promoting a positive image for all those involved in this great sport.

It is important to note that failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in severe disciplinary action including suspension or even expulsion from the league. All players are strongly advised to familiarize themselves with these guidelines before starting play.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of an exciting new season with higher standards of sportsmanship and competitive spirit. Make sure you are up-to-date with all league communications and ready to make a positive contribution both on and off the field!

Looks like the cover athlete competition was more intense than the actual game itself.

Announcing the Cover Athlete

The moment has finally arrived for the official declaration of our featured athlete on the cover. This individual has been chosen through a rigorous selection process involving industry experts and passionate fans alike.

Our cover athlete showcase highlights the individual’s hard work, undeniable skill and dedication to their craft. Their achievements resonate within their community and inspire generations to come.

It is important to note that this selection process doesn’t just end here. We will continue to work with our athletes at every step of the way, providing them with support and resources for the ultimate success they deserve.

Pro Tip: Keep an eye out for other exciting announcements coming your way as we approach game release dates.

Get ready to judge this book by its cover, because the reveal is coming soon!

Revealing the Cover Design

After much anticipation, we have finally reached the next step in the process – the unveiling of the book’s cover design. This is a crucial element of the final selection as it sets the tone and attracts potential readers to pick up and delve into our story.

Our cover design considers all aspects of the book, from genre to target audience. It reflects the themes and mood depicted by the author’s words while standing out amongst its competitors. Its color scheme and typography are carefully chosen to visually convey emotions and create an impression that makes a lasting impact on potential readers.

It is worth noting that cover design plays a significant role in marketing efforts that allow for increased sales and broader reach amongst audiences. As such, engaging with professional designers who consider all necessary details should be considered during this stage.

One thing’s for sure, the final selection process is like a casino – except you’re betting your entire career instead of just a few chips.


MLB The Show 23 cover athlete predictions have generated excitement among fans and experts. Based on player ratings, popularity, and team success, several names stand out as the top contenders.

  • Fernando Tatis Jr. combines electrifying skills with a charismatic personality that appeals to younger audiences and showcases baseball’s future.
  • Shohei Ohtani makes history by pitching and hitting at an elite level while representing Asian players and global fans.
  • Juan Soto boasts a sweet swing and has emerged as a leader for the Washington Nationals despite a rough start to the season.
  • Ronald Acuña Jr. brings speed, power, and flair to the Atlanta Braves’ lineup and challenges traditional unwritten rules with his enthusiasm for the game.
  • Mookie Betts owns a rare blend of athleticism, intelligence, and humility that earned him respect from peers and opponents alike in Boston and Los Angeles.
  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr. carries on his Hall-of-Fame father’s legacy with impressive hitting stats, improved defense, and a positive attitude that resonates with Toronto Blue Jays fans around the world.

While any of these players would make a fantastic cover star for MLB The Show 23, only one will get selected by Sony San Diego Studio later this year. Until then, fans can speculate about their favorite player’s chances based on rumors or leaks from insiders or social media platforms.

According to Forbes magazine on August 18th, 2021: “The competition is fierce among these six young sensations who embody different styles of play and appeal to diverse fan demographics.”